HOMEFRONT (X360, PS3, PC; rated M) — Homefront, a new first-person shooter from THQ, tries really hard to feel important. Written by Hollywood writer-director John Milius, Homefront takes place in 2027, after a North Korean-led Asian alliance conquers and occupies America. Sure, it’s silly and paranoid, but not an awful idea for a video game. The short and brutish campaign mostly squanders that potential, though, with generic first-person shooter action and unlikable characters. The team-based online modes have a few neat quirks, like an on-the-fly perks system, but still lack flavor. Despite the distinctive setting, Homefront doesn’t set itself apart from all the other shooters on the market.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV 3D (for Nintendo 3DS; rated T) — All the face-punching thrills of Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV are shrunk down into a tiny handheld package. Better yet – it’s now in 3D, thanks to Nintendo’s brand new 3DS. Somehow Capcom squeezed in every fighter and game mode from the console versions. The graphics are scaled back, with once-busy backgrounds now static and lifeless, but portability, fantastic online structure, and the 3DS’ new graphical tricks more than make up the difference. You’ll miss the feel of a joystick, but at least you can pull off special combos with a single press of the 3DS’ touch screen.

SLAM BOLT SCRAPPERS (PS3; rated E) — Are your eyes and fingers ready for a workout? Slam Bolt Scrappers, a frenetic action puzzle game from independent studio Fire Hose Games, will overload your TV and your senses. This hyperactive downloadable exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation Network can be hard to follow, but the basics are simple enough. You punch enemies until they turn into geometric shapes. When you arrange those shapes into squares, they form turrets that attack your opponent’s blocks. Destroy them all to win. It’s fantastic fun with friends, but weirdly enough you can’t play it online.