I’ve written a few things for Salon lately.

Georgia State University is gutting its student-run radio station WRAS 88.5 FM by handing 14 hours of airtime a day over to Georgia Public Broadcasting, who will mostly air syndicated NPR programming that is already available in Atlanta. I wrote about how losing this particular station, which is one of the most powerful and influential college radio stations in the nation, is further proof that college radio is dying, and why that’s bad for students, universities, communities and the independent music industry.</a>

I wrote about Box Brown’s graphic novel Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, and how worthwhile art about wrestling was hard to create until wrestling stopped lying to the public about its real nature.</a>

Obama mentioned the videogame series The Witcher during a press conference in Poland. I explained what The Witcher is, why Obama would talk about it, and why it’s weird and surprising that Obama would talk about it.</a>