Kung Fu Rider review (Weekly Dig, 10/6/2010)

October 11, 2010

Kung Fu Rider is the only launch title for the PlayStation Move motion controller that isn’t a collection of mini games or a Wii Sports rehash. It’s like a bare-bones Tony Hawk game circa 2000, but with kicks instead of tricks and buried under a cubic acre of Japanese preciousness.

You play as a Japanese office drone, or as his nubile secretary. Both are on the run from the mob, but they don’t own a car and won’t steal a bike, and so they try to make a speedy getaway using office furniture. You have to keep your balance in Kung Fu Rider with the Move controller while riding swivel chairs down the hilly streets of Hong Kong, dodging obstacles by jumping or veering off to the side, and collecting money to increase your score. You can grind on railings and land plants on the roofs of cars, but you can’t pull off any other Hawkian moves.

Black-suited Triads try to stop you but a quick wrist flick drives your feet into their faces. Points unlock new levels and wheels, including a vacuum cleaner and other “wacky” vehicles.

The goofball charm wears off quickly, leaving a game as simple as it is repetitive. Still, it’s briefly fun with others.



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